Independent at heart

Independent consultants focus on you first

In the pensions arena, you don’t always feel empowered by the choices you have to make. The economy shifts, rules change, priorities and information move and slide around. You can be left feeling confused, unsupported and frustrated – a long way from empowerment and pride.

Work with independent pension consultants

Work with genuinely independent consultants – so you know the service you receive is just about your needs and objectives.

At Amite, consultants are free to work independently. There are no shareholders demanding profits, consultants don’t earn bonuses nor work to targets, so they have the freedom to work entirely for you.

We are a Community Interest Company (C.I.C) serving adults and children in the UK that need financial advice or guidance. This means that Amite is ‘asset locked’ – profits have to go to the community we serve, not us. We are required to make an annual return to the C.I.C. Regulator and they verify that we are serving our community. This is our priority – not making lots of profit from you.

Placing people before profit

Amite will give you a professional, high value service with no hidden extras. We keep it transparent, straightforward and specific. We have no compelling need to grow and we don’t see our clients as a source of growth – you’re in charge of how we work together at all times.

A truly unique and independent service – giving you the power and knowledge to make the right decision, and feel proud of your role every time you do it.


Ready to work together?

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Giving something back

Any remaining income after meeting our costs is donated to education charities. For too long, there has been an imbalance in the financial world between those with financial power and knowledge and those without.

Designed for value

As your pensions partner, we help trustees and employers make really important, complex decisions by delivering a truly independent, transparent service and arming you with tailored, accurate and actionable information.

Why choose us

We are a truly independent and non-profit company.
Finally, a pensions expert with a professional, open and straightforward approach. We work hard so you can achieve your goals. Our motivation is you – not your money.

How Amite started

Chris Massey thrives on finding amicable solutions. With over 30 years experience in pension funds, his ambition was to find solutions to unite employers and trustees for the benefit of employees.
The not-for-profit model was the answer, and Amite - meaning harmony and cooperation - came to life.