Designed for value

A professional, high value pension partnership

When your objective is to deliver a secure pension fund to members, it’s our job to keep your pension workflow running smoothly – so you can deliver on those objectives.

There is a way to keep everything on track, without leaking un-necessary funds on consultancy fees

Our flat fee payment structures keep everything concise and transparent. You know exactly what services you need, and avoid paying additional fees for those you don’t.

In our experience, this is the best way to provide a professional, expert service that leaves you feeling valued. The Amite way means you avoid un-necessary spending, meaning more money for the pension fund.

You may be asking – how do they do that? We have kept our operating costs low and we pass this onto our clients. Our not-for-profit structure means that we don’t need to worry about the profitability of each maintenance bundle or project. Sometimes fixed fees will work reasonably well for us and sometimes they won’t. We can afford to ride those ups and downs.

Isn’t that exactly the kind of value you and your members deserve?

Ready to work together?

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Giving something back

Any remaining income after meeting our costs is donated to education charities. For too long, there has been an imbalance in the financial world between those with financial power and knowledge and those without.

Truly independent advisors to partner with

A unique and pioneering approach to pension funds. We donate all profits to charity. Our consultants join on a fair salary and we have a salary cap of £75,000 a year (increasing in line with inflation). We don’t set profit targets, so there are no bonuses. This gives our consultants the freedom to put you first. They love what they do and they believe in our core value – pensions for people, not profit.

Why choose us

We are a truly independent and non-profit company.
Finally, a pensions expert with a professional, open and straightforward approach. We work hard so you can achieve your goals. Our motivation is you – not your money.

How Amite started

Chris Massey thrives on finding amicable solutions. With over 30 years experience in pension funds, his ambition was to find solutions to unite employers and trustees for the benefit of employees.
The not-for-profit model was the answer, and Amite - meaning harmony and cooperation - came to life.