About us

Amite is a not-for-profit that puts clients first. We keep our costs low, our consultants are free to be independent and we offer fair, fixed fees.

So, where’s the catch? We’ve worked hard to make sure there isn’t one.

Amite is about harmony and community – there is no catch.

The Pensions Regulator and the CIC regulator work with us to ensure we deliver on our promises.

The business is a Community Interest Company (C.I.C.), owned and operated by Chris Massey. A C.I.C. is essentially a limited liability company that is ‘asset locked’ – profits have to be used to serve our nominated community. Amite serves any adult or child in the UK that needs financial education or guidance.

Amite’s priorities are:

Independent consultancy that puts clients’ needs first.
Simple and fair fees that are wide open for scrutiny.
Expert and professional service at all times.
Serving our community – adults and children in the UK that need financial education or guidance.

About Chris Massey

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Chris is an experienced actuary and CFA Charterholder with many years of experience in the pensions industry (view Linkedin profile). He believes that we have the knowledge to provide affordable, secure pensions for the vast majority of people in the UK.

We’re not doing that at present because many conflicts of interest are getting in the way, particularly the need to make profit from pension funds. Let’s remember that pension funds are not-for-profit trusts, run by people that are largely unpaid.

Chris decided that it was time to put the detailed knowledge and expertise required to run pension funds in a not-for-profit structure. Let’s see if we can make a difference!

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Giving something back

Any remaining income after meeting our costs is donated to education charities. For too long, there has been an imbalance in the financial world between those with financial power and knowledge and those without.

Designed for value

As your pensions partner, we help trustees and employers make really important, complex decisions by delivering a truly independent, transparent service and arming you with tailored, accurate and actionable information.

Why choose us

We are a truly independent and non-profit company.
Finally, a pensions expert with a professional, open and straightforward approach. We work hard so you can achieve your goals. Our motivation is you – not your money.