Maintenance bundles

Most pension funds have a predictable cycle of activity. Amite maintenance bundles are designed to support the day-to-day workflow so you can focus on other tasks. For employers we aim to provide an in-house pensions specialist and we sit alongside trustees as a professional independent trustee.

Company bundle

Supporting employers with the day-to-day

Bundles are designed to help you at the level you need – saving you time and money. From on-call guidance and occasional second opinions, to full day-to-day support. We’ve got it all covered.

Trustee bundle

Sharing responsibility with trustees

No two pension funds are the same and our role as a professional, independent trustee is highly varied. Our trustee bundles are designed to provide all of the support your existing trustees need. One thing remains the same for all our bundles – pensions for people, not profit.

Let’s get started

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I need a boost with an important project

What if you have the day-to-day activity sorted, but you need support for occasional important projects? We can help you with that too. Challenging employer projects such as actuarial valuations, review of investment strategies, sale of a business or even insurance buy-outs. Trustee projects could need truly independent views on key strategic issues.

It’s all covered in our project boosts – designed to deliver key objective support within a short timeframe and a fixed cost.