How we can help trustees

Working with Trustees like you

Wouldn’t it be great to have an independent, professional pension partner to sit on the board of trustees and support your needs with clear, independent investment and pensions expertise?

Amite as your trusted independent pension partner

That’s exactly what we’ll do. All trustees bring unique skills and experience to a pension fund. Amite brings independence and experience of running pension funds to complement our fellow trustees.

Together we can have confidence in our collective decisions. After all, we are united in our responsibility to act in the interests of all who are set to benefit from the fund.

Trustees have a collective responsibility and we recognise that our role will be different for each group of trustees that we work with. We offer fixed fees for trustee work, but that doesn’t mean that we see every trustee appointment as the same.

We will listen carefully to our fellow trustees, particularly the chair, so that we can contribute to discussions and at the same time, fit in.

We listen to what you need and quote a flat fee for the project.

Amite – pensions for people, not profit.

Trustee maintenance bundle services include:

  • Regular member of the board of trustees
  • Defined benefit or defined contribution funds
  • Option to be a member of an active sub-committee
  • Option to sit as chair of the board
  • All regular activity included (e.g triennial actuarial valuations, investment strategy reviews and adviser reviews)

Our pricing guide

We are a truly independent and non-profit company

Pay for an on-going maintenance bundle that meets your specific goals and budget, or a one-off flat fee for a project boost to tackle the hefty workload. It’s your choice – you’re in control. Our fees are transparent with no hidden extras. You’ll find them in our pricing guide.

Maintenance bundles

Keep on top of the pension workflow with our maintenance bundles. Feel confident everything is in hand behind the scenes while you carry on with the real work.

Project boosts

For times when your workload could use a few extra pairs of hands. Pay a flat fee for what you need and we’ll work hard to deliver your objectives, however long it takes.

Ready to work together?

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I need more than a pension consultant – a professional partner who can put my needs before profits and provides a service we can trust.