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Employers are increasingly stretched in different directions – and when you’re pulled into pension fund tasks, it can be time consuming and costly.

Amite gives you support when you need it the most

Most pension funds run to a predictable cycle of activity. If only that was true of your workload. Conflicting priorities lead to long hours, stress and an unmanageable workflow.

There is another way…

Amite works on your predictable pension fund activities so you can concentrate on other stuff on your to-do list. Choose the level of support that suits your needs and we’ll get to work.

Monthly maintenance bundles tailored to your business objectives

Our maintenance bundles look after the regular tasks such as technical support, monitoring and managing Pension Protection Fund levies, monthly board reports, attending board meetings and so much more.

Project boosts for challenging projects

If your regular maintenance tasks are already covered, but you could do with a safe pair of hands on more complex projects such as actuarial valuations, insurance buy-out projects and investment strategy reviews, then this is the package for you.

We listen to what you need and quote a flat fee for the project.

Amite – pensions for people, not profit.

Maintenance bundle services include:

  • On-call technical support and managing day-to-day activity
  • Advice on triennial actuarial valuations, company accounting disclosures and investment strategy
  • Monitoring and managing the Pension Protection Fund levy
  • Support with trustee negotiations
  • Representation at trustee meetings
  • Regular reporting to the company board on pension risks
  • Support with challenging additional projects

Our pricing guide

We are a truly independent and non-profit company

Pay for an on-going maintenance bundle that meets your specific goals and budget, or a one-off flat fee for a project boost to tackle the hefty workload. It’s your choice – you’re in control. Our fees are transparent with no hidden extras. You’ll find them in our pricing guide.

Maintenance bundles

Keep on top of the pension workflow with our maintenance bundles. Feel confident everything is in hand behind the scenes while you carry on with the real work.

Project boosts

For times when your workload could use a few extra pairs of hands. Pay a flat fee for what you need and we’ll work hard to deliver your objectives, however long it takes.

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