We’re on your side

At times, it can be frustrating to run a pension fund – large or small. At Amite, we believe you should feel proud of what you’re doing, not piqued.

Non-profit pension consultancy

Amite throws away the old rule-book and places you, the people running the fund, at the centre.

With no targets, no profits and no performance bonuses, consultants are free to focus exclusively on your goals and successes.

A clear and transparent way to work – with the right people benefiting at last.

Flat fee approach

In our not-for-profit world, we can afford to offer fixed fees and good value, even when the amount of work is uncertain – leaving you in control of your budget.

No expensive hourly rates, fee budgets that often run over or add-ons for services you don’t want.

Finally – a better way to run your pension fund. Driven for people – not profit.

An Employer

I need more than a pension consultant – a professional partner who can put my needs before profits and provides a service we can trust.

A Trustee

I want support so our board feels empowered to make decisions for the pension fund. A trusted partner, rather than an advisor.

Ready to work together?

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